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This was difficult to find a website I could do this on for free, but I did. I am not going to share it because you have to make a whole account and a free trail just to do it once and then cancel. Overall this came out really nice! There are some imperfections but it was only my first try. (The only English on the toy machine is the name of the toy. This picture is from another country where English is not their first language.)

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Author: Kayla

I am new to all of this so bare with me. I am a person who is overstressed and overworked. Let's just say I got a short fuse and big attitude. I know my worth and what I deserve. Creativity is not my strong suit, but I am gonna get through it. Welcome to the Circus known as Kayla.


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  3. Avatar Kayla

    Meredith Migliaccio

    This is great, and I love the way you decided to do this assignment. I get the meaning from it that the grown up world is dull and colorless, but the world through the eyes of youth is always bright and exciting. A friendly reminder to try and view things more playfully.

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