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This week I feel like I was really on top of things! I am extremely proud of myself for that. I have to say I really think I had no stress at all when it came to the assignments this week. For me to say that I had zero stress for a particular set of assignments genuinely means something. I am typically always stressed about everything. I would have to say I did pretty well with the writing assignments because I enjoy writing when I have the time. Also I feel I made some real connections with other students in the course through my Daily Create replies on Twitter and the comments on my posts. Someone actually thought my nonconformity post was exactly what they needed to hear. I made an impact for someone on a post basically about telling others with a stick up their butt to screw off and just do it your way. Feeling like I did something good made me go to other people’s pages and read random posts. I left comments where I could on blogs that caught my attention. I also replied and like others’ posts on twitter not because I felt it was necessary for participation, but because I wanted to do it. I actually look forward to reading comments left on my page when I see the notification.

One thing I tend to worry about though is if my attitude in this course is not good enough. I see so many others with a serious and almost professional attitude within their posts. I really do not enjoy writing a post like it is going to make or break my college education. That isn’t who I am. This is a class where I do not know anyone outside of a computer screen so I don’t have to keep up appearances. I enjoy that on this blog I can joke about my mental health status and not have someone wonder if I need to check in with my therapist. I swear I am okay I just make jokes out of crap things to see a brighter side. Also, I do not have to bite my tongue about my opinions or keep everything picture perfect! I can joke about having a long week and needing a drink and people agree with me. I can post all the stupid little things that crack me up like the hybrid animal post last week. I have come to enjoy using this class as an escape and stress reliever during my week. Hell I might even start doing stories on my job and everything I deal with there.

I am gonna be 100% honest here. I thought I was going to hate this class and it was going to be miserable because I am useless when it comes to technology. I was wrong! Well I wasn’t wrong about the technology part. This week I was able to discover whole new forms of reading and writing stories. What I have learned this week can help me out in my future classroom. I am gonna be that cool teacher that lets their students read webcomics, age appropriate of course, and write stories based off of simple little things. My students can create a story through a collage or from a singular picture like I did this week. I loved writing my Barbara June post for a writing assignment where I had to pick a random picture and give it a story. I turned some random woman on a black and white photo from Google into my own personal character. To be honest if Barbara June was a real person I could definitely see her being a segment on some Investigation Discovery show.

Overall this week I have never been more proud of my work! I do still need to take a day and sit down to figure out Soundcloud and discord. Maybe I’ll do that Saturday before work or during my break.

Here come the posts of the week:

Writing Assignments
Daily Creates
Twitter Comments
Blog Post Comments

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Author: Kayla

I am new to all of this so bare with me. I am a person who is overstressed and overworked. Let's just say I got a short fuse and big attitude. I know my worth and what I deserve. Creativity is not my strong suit, but I am gonna get through it. Welcome to the Circus known as Kayla.


  1. Avatar Kayla

    I’m someone who knows absolutely nothing about writing blog posts and just “wings it.” I’m a history major so I tend to fall back on those habits, but I also hate being stiff and formal about it. I get enough of that writing papers, haha.

  2. Avatar Kayla

    I could not agree more with your summary. I too was very unsure of this class. I was simply taking it to fulfill a requirement and when I heard that it would be a lot of work, I was contemplating on dropping out, thinking that this would just be a class that I could keep in the back of my mind. However, I decided that I would have to take a digital intensive class eventually, so I thought I might as well stick it out. It turned out, that even though there is quite a bit to do for this class, the assignments are fun and I feel like they have expanded my digital creativity. I feel like by the end, this class will have taught me many valuable lessons and skills.

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