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For this assignment I had to create a wedding invitation. Personally I did not want to download some big thing so I searched google. I found a free invitation creator with where you can choose a template for any occasion and then redesign it. I decided on this invitation because sunflowers have become a symbol for my papa who passed. That being said they hold a special meaning in my heart. Also they look cute. I did not really have a choice on recoloring the image, but I was able to mess with the words. For all the text I changed around the colors to match the flower arrangement. I also played around with the placement of the words and spacing between the letters. Overall this is a really good website to try out and it is completely free!

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I am new to all of this so bare with me. I am a person who is overstressed and overworked. Let's just say I got a short fuse and big attitude. I know my worth and what I deserve. Creativity is not my strong suit, but I am gonna get through it. Welcome to the Circus known as Kayla.


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