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For this assignment I had to create a motivational poster. This pupper here is named Fluffer. He is a happy go lucky dog who knows what he likes. A friend of mine took this photo while taking him out of the kennel for a day to go explore. This picture is so calm and peaceful and just represents relaxation. To create this I made the background completely black and uploaded the photo of Fluffer. From there I inserted a header text box and went through multiple different fonts to see which worked perfectly with the photo. Then I inserted a subheader text box for the commentary. I choose this font again by going through all of them until I found one that just fit perfectly. Overall, I think we should all take Fluffer’s Advice from this motivational poster.

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Author: Kayla

I am new to all of this so bare with me. I am a person who is overstressed and overworked. Let's just say I got a short fuse and big attitude. I know my worth and what I deserve. Creativity is not my strong suit, but I am gonna get through it. Welcome to the Circus known as Kayla.


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