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I decided to make something more than just a random flier. I used Canva to create an adoption poster for a pup named Edgewood. I had to upload, resize, and align some of his best photos that show all of his different side. For the text I made his name a larger size and a different font to immediately attract attention. The rest of the text I ensured that the font was clear so viewers can easily see the address if they are interested in adopting my buddy Edge. If you guys can please please please share this flier along with any other ones of the ODHS pups. They are all looking for their people and you can help them find them! ODHS is 100% volunteer and donation based were they rescue dogs and help them find where they belong.

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I am new to all of this so bare with me. I am a person who is overstressed and overworked. Let's just say I got a short fuse and big attitude. I know my worth and what I deserve. Creativity is not my strong suit, but I am gonna get through it. Welcome to the Circus known as Kayla.


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      Edgewood has had many meets with possible families. Sadly, he still has not found one who loves both his playful energy along with his calmer side. He was actually rescued from a kill shelter where he was hours away from being put down. He is only a year old, so he does have energy! You can find him on Pet Finder under the Old Dominion Humane Society shelter.

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