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photoblitzer 14:22

  1. Forced Perspective – make something small look big: typically this is a small can of wine but not today!

2. Glasses: double vision

3. Construction: moving is the construction of rehoming one’s life

4. Something Loud: my roommate’s cat, Bella, aka the Brat. God does this cat got a set of lungs to match her patience. She will meow from behind the door getting louder and louder for an hour if she hears someone is home.

5. Upside-down: I bet you’ve never seen an upside-down thermostat

6. Beautiful Mess: This is my other roommate’s pet hamster, Fitz. This hamster makes a massive mess out of his bedding just to burrow inside to sleep. Damn am I jealous of Fitz.

7. Fire: my roommate caught me taking this photo. She looked at me dead in the eyes, sighed, and walked away.

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Author: Kayla

I am new to all of this so bare with me. I am a person who is overstressed and overworked. Let's just say I got a short fuse and big attitude. I know my worth and what I deserve. Creativity is not my strong suit, but I am gonna get through it. Welcome to the Circus known as Kayla.


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